Day 1

Well day 1 of our 90 day get fit and healthy started today. Uh oh…..I am used to getting out of bed and drinking a coke and not eating all day. Boy, was I in for a new experience. Today I woke up and had a hot tea and then a bottle of water. I know….I’m shocked too. For breakfast i has an egg white with spinach and onions. An apple for a snack. For lunch I had a quinoa burger and another water. At this point I think my body is going into shock, lol. And then dinner consisted of a small chicken breast and lots of asparagus. This day definitely proved to be a challenge but I am kind of excited to see what happens the next 90 days. To top my day off I walked on the treadmill for what seemed like forever, but I actually only walked 3 miles. But for me, I say hurrah!!! Looking forward to tomorrow.

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