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Day 5 | Positively Negative

Day 5

So day 5 of our 90 day get healthy has been quite interesting and challenging. The morning started out great. Got up, drank my bottled water and had my egg white omelet. Yum yum yum. Okay, just kidding. I still miss my morning coke, lol. It is so cold here that I planned on watching a little tv and working out around 10 in the morning. Since we have the treadmill and gym right here I didn’t have to go out into the dreaded -30 temperature. Yep…..that’s right. If i wanted this kind of weather I would live in the arctic. Anyway, I noticed the house wa getting really cold and realized the furnace broke down again. This after on just this past Saturday, the so called furnace repairman got 1200.00 and said it was a brand new furnace. Nope, not at all. IT ISNT WORKING. So, there went my morning workout. Now I’m upset. So instead of walking on the treadmill I ate an apple and a cup of healthy popcorn. While still waiting for the furnace repairman, I sat and thought about the last few days and a smile came across my face. I realized how happy I am that my son asked me to join in this 90 day get fit and healthy challenge. I am proud of myself. I never thought I could give up coke or eat 5 healthy meals a day and to top it off exercise. But day 5 and I am doing it. For this I am very happy. But here i sit, after eating a healthy turkey chili with fresh tomatoes and onions, still waiting for the furnaceman. I give up. Am I frustrated that I don’t have furnace heat when it is -30 outside, yes definitely. Am I happy that I am continuing this challenge with my son and proud that I am sticking to eating healthy and taking care of myself, ABSOLUTELY. I am looking forward to each and every day and seeing an improvement within myself.
I hope you follow us on this journey.

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